How do I make a screen recording with instructional videos?

Screen Recording

Today’s Era Is the digital era and effective Information is the main key to teach something, and Video is the Fastest, Safest and Most Effective approach to training someone, to elaborate someone, to describe someone, Learn Something and teach something with practice it is the concept of Instruction videos.

An instructional video is now trending

It works in very different technology, in Health, Education, Marketing, Production and many more. an instructional video provides an instruction to do something, and with Screen, Recoding helps you to caption live action of the instruction that they provide. The instructional video includes some process, tutorial, training, presentation and screen cast videos.

Type Of Instructional Video

Following are the approach which supports the instructional videos.

Micro videos – To represent the Narrow topic or a single entity within the short time limit this type of video is in the micro-videos.

Tutorial videos – The Instruction is given in step-by-step in a series method, and the teaching process is much effective and the particular topic is cover in a more than a video.

Training videos – This is a Too long time of video series, in it, the particular topic is cover in a bunch of series and the video is specially designed for any employee of any company.

Explainer videos – To explain any particular topic or to elaborate on any topic this type of videos is made.

Presentation videos – To present any topic or to make a visual report this type of video is used This is mostly used to make graphical representation for any particular topic.

Screen cast videos – This video is intended to demo any topic with the practical live session, the work is done by a person and the screen recording is capturing the action of the mobile screen.

The process to make an instructional video with screen recording

Today’s worlds people accept that someone teach us to do itself 1st with live demo of any particular work then he will perform the same action for learning, this type of teaching and learning process is the reason of the birth of Instruction videos, and screen recording make it fulfill to capture the live session of the action over the specified task in the mobile or desktop screen.

Process of the instructional video to make

  • First understand the audience mindset, his need, desire.
  • Then according to that choose a single topic for prepare.
  • Then prepare the topic and collect the all information about it.
  • Then represent it in a very easy and effective way that the audience will understand quickly.
  • Then with the implementation of the specified topic keep continuous recording the screen.
  • After complete edited the video in the useful editor to make it more compact and effective.
  • Then with the social upload.

know your audience Mind

It is more important to know about your Audience mind, that help you to make an instructional video, It is critical task to assume the user mindset and his requirement over the video, You need to remember one more thing, the trending topic that is popular in running time, you should make the video effective and more impactful and the video should in an understandable and user-friendly. The way you represent the topic should be unique and advance level.

How to Download Instructional Video

The following are the Step given below about the download of Instructional video.

  • You need to download the apk that support to download YouTube Videos.
  • First Open a Google play store and download the you tube downloaded.
  • Then Install the Application in your device.
  • Then Go to YouTube and select the Instructional video that you want and copy the link of the video.
  • Then past the link onto the you tube downloaded.
  • Select the size, format quality and comprise the video as per the user device.
  • Then simply click the download link Your video is going to download now.
  • After the complete downloading, You can watch the video anytime anywhere with the use of the Internet.


Ultimately, the goal of the instructional video is to Instruct the people via Digital Way, The Practical Session is cover in it. Users can watch the action of any topic live and can implement it. Following the type of The Instruction video in every aspect, more and more people are now using an instructional video, So many bloggers and even the company are now use this functionality, It is a safe reliable and effective approach.