How can I check the popularity of a YouTube trend

YouTube Trend

Trends Elaborate you What’s going on today’s market, What is the Topic, Video, Art and many more, which are on the trend, Popularity of any Video shows that the content under it is unique, reliable and Genuine, More than more viewers make the video popular, popularity depends on many factors, like, views, Age, Search and some more factor the popularity depends.

Category is another aspect of Trend, that the Popularity rise, Following of the Videos Support various category like, (autos and vehicles, comedy, entertainment, film and animation, gaming, how-to and style, music, pets and animals, science and technology, and sports and Future is Based on the Country, it also make impact over-popularity.

Functions Of YouTube To Show the Popularity of Video

Following are the Feature That Shows the Popularity of Video which you have posted.

Like – Liking is a way to represent our opinion about the video, more the Like count More the video should be loveable by the user.

View – Thousand of the Viewer on your video it shows the most interactive video you have posted it gain popularity and your video is coming under the top 5 mages.

Age – Age depends on how old your video, it is also a rank factor because if there is a more the age of your video collect many like and views and become automatically popular.

Source – The visitor how to attract your video, what is the source by that they are watching your video, the visitor is coming from outsourcing, from another social platform or it an organic. At it also shows the popularity of your video.

4 ways to identify trending YouTube videos

YouTube Homepage : Here you can see the trending video, Most of the trending video is appear to your home section, You can also watch the related trending videos as per your search history.

YouTube trends Dashboard : It allows filters like, (views and likes and shares) to make you easy to find out the most trending and videos. It is a way to make a target to find new unique and trending videos.

Google Trends : It is a tool that inbuild a filter that helps you to analyze the niche on that your video is dependent or the keyword most searched by users, which also shows you the trend of the particular video.

Get social : that implies the social factor that promotes the video among the followers that also a factor that affects the trending topics or videos.

Ranking Factor

Category – It shows the category like, Entertainment, Music, Education, Video, etc In which the Content is written.

Schema – It implies the method or the way through that you want to explain the user, Your content is in article type or a blog post, your content is written by any person or any authenticated organization.

Age – The age of your video is also considered under the popularity, How much your post old, is it current or a few years oldest it affects the popularity of your video.

View – More the traffic comes in your video which means more the people have watched your video that directly effect the popularity of your video.

SEO – Rack should be increased by setting the SEO strategy over your video or a particular keyword that is relevant to your video.

Content – That means the content that you deliver to the user by your video, the quality, effectiveness of your video should be heigh the content should be unique or genuine.

Feature Of Youtube To Check Popularity

  • YouTube Trends Dashboard
  • YouTube Trends
  • Google Trends
  • YouTube Cloud

Tools To check the Popularity

  • YouTube Reputation Tool
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Video Alerts
  • YouTube Stats
  • Trends Dashboard
  • VidStatsX


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