GetJar V4.6 – Download the [Official] APK Free For Android

GetJar APK is an App Store, not an Apple App Store but globally available for both Android and Apple phone users. It is advertised as the most significant open app store for android users in the world and currently lists more than 980,000 applications with around 3 million downloads per day. It incorporates many categories, like Top mobile applications, New mobile applications, and many more. It will be beneficial for a user to use this app store to download its apps & games as it shows up many interesting applications of which many users are unaware.


Version: Latest

Supported version: android 2.3 & above

Last Update: 3 days ago

Download Getjar APK

This versatile apk also displays google play top Applications by which we can know which apps are trending globally and also categorizes all the applications available into different lists like Games, Social apps, Education, mod, and many more.

About GetJar

The getjar apk, in a general sense, got a fantastic view for the eye, it will be fresh and never before experienced for a user. Unlike the traditional Play store, you won’t get a lot of messy apps on the home page. It only displays some of the top-rated and useful apps which can be easily installed by us. If we use this on an Apple device, then we are redirected to the original App store provided on the phone to download it. The getjar apk hits their credit only through the clicks that they got. It is a website or application that we can trust as well as very fruitful for us to utilize it rather than many other app providers because we can’t be risking our privacy. We just can’t sit idle without the real fun applications that we can use for entertainment or we can get productive by using the applications under the tab productivity. It is beneficial for an individual user to utilize it, and it doesn’t take any bucks for your app installation.

getjar apk

This versatile apk is very much useful for Android users rather than Apple users because IOS doesn’t allow all the customizations that need for certain apps, and it won’t accept to install the applications. In the case of Android, it is completely different, and android allows all the customizations that are needed for all the applications in the app. You can even download some modded apps, which in real life can cost you an Eternity. I personally recommend the users that they can safely use the Application.


We can download many games using this app store. There are many interesting games that are on the list. It is very entertaining for users. There will be reliable and safe APK. The most famous games like PUBG are available in it. There will be some changed versions for the apps and famous games like PUBG or Free Fire. They are very entertaining for the users and will be fun to play them. The games are also categorize into many sections like action and adventure or Brain Teasers or Fun games. All of these apps are available in their original versions and you are able to choose which game you want to download.


You can download the apk by going to the getjar com Website and type getjar App in the provided search bar.

  • The first in the list is your required Application.
  • After you click that, in 10 seconds a file is automatically downloaded with the extension .apk and you should install it.
  • Then start using the application on your mobile, don’t forget to accept the required permissions to get the full usage of the application.
  • If you don’t want to agree to it, just go through the privacy policy to be sure of what you are accepting for.

Using the below link, you can get the apk which you can use to install the Application on your mobile. You can open this APK in the File manager application of your phone, and then you can install the APK file just like you do from the Play Store(file will have the extension .apk)

How to download apps from the app store.

Using this apk, we can install a wide variety of applications. After opening the app sort, then we should search for our required application and find an option named install beside the app that we want to install. We need to install the app accordingly, if we need to download an APK, then you can download or install directly within the same application. This can be used on mobile by either website or Application.


ROBLOX is one of the famous multiplayer games online, we can install the original application using any app, but if we need to use some pro features, go ahead to buy a subscription or pay a huge amount of money. But by using getjar android app store for installing the ROBLOX app, then get all the premium options here, and enjoy and play with all the prime controls. It is very fruitful for us to play this game by downloading it from the apk store, we will be saving huge loads of money by using it. That money saved can be used for many other purposes.


POKEMON GO is also a game that is widely entertained across the globe and is played extensively by many people. Many people enjoy it and play it in their free time, but the lives in it and levels are hard to play. So it will be beneficial for us to use the APK to save both time and energy on it. You can download it by using the link below. POKEMON is one of the anime characters of our childhood and many people love to play games that are related to it.


Torque is an excellent application for Car users and lovers, this app displays many of the features of the car like gauge, compass, and many other features that car users will love to use. Many of its features aren’t for free, then the apk comes into play, and us can use the mod APK for our purposes.


9Anime is an App for animation shows in which almost all the anime series or shows are present. We can make use of this application to download or stream our favorite childhood anime series. Unfortunately, the Application has removed from all the sites that are present but not from getjar apk, and you can download it from it by using the following link.

Technical Information

App Size10.9 MB


Yes, the apk is absolutely safe to use, and your personal details or your data from the phone won’t exploited. The Applications that you get through this app store are also secure. They won’t be containing any malicious content. It is genuinely safe and sound for us in cyber terms to use this application. But some users do complain about it because of the permissions it asks on the phone. They are required because your phone architecture should need some necessary permissions from an app to install or uninstall an application from your device. We also need to take some precautionary measures while using applications like these. The privacy issues shouldn’t compromise at any cost.


For every app owner, launching an app on the Google Play Store can be a hard task, and as an alternative mobile app, getjar apk has over 5 million apps. But what can you do? You need to be where your customers are. Wait! When you search the stores mentioned above to refresh your app list, you can reach as many more users as you can. In addition to the steps required to upload your app to the Play Store and App Store, with a little effort, publish your app to alternative app stores like getjar apk. Maybe they may not be as popular as the major markets, but there are plenty of reasons to think you have to reach more customers right now.


What is GetJar APK?

GetJar is a Website or an Application that can be used to download our favorite applications or games . We are able to get many latest applications or free apps. It is very useful for us to get something out of this and save some bucks rather than spending all of it.

Is Get Jar Safe?

The apk is absolutely safe if we use it only up to a limit, we can see the reviews of our required application in Get Jarapk and we can decide whether it is safe to install it on our device or not. This versatile app store can be trusted with not even an inch of doubt. The question is whether or not to trust an app in it. So it will be beneficial for us to once verify the reviews on safeguarding ourselves from Cyberattacks.

How to get Get Jar App?

You can get the getjar apk by downloading it from the Official website, it is very easy to download you can search for the “getjar app” in the search box of the website. Then it can be downloaded in the form of an APK package (it will have an extension of .apk). You can install that package then from the file manager. You can follow the above process from the link below.