Top-5 Third-Party App Store For Android APK Download Free [Official]-2020

Are you looking for the most trustworthy third party apps & app store for android? You have reached the right place. Changes in technology and its connections to support customers from all regions. People around us are very inquisitive about any of their concerns. Even if it is really connected with them, there is always a good need and it becomes mandatory. Every piece of software we build with some privacy with users and developers. Producers are looking to bring in better customer experience and maintain better privacy. Most importantly. However, the third party apps developers and its creators are waiting for the trending technology and it needs good attention. However, they tried to create what users wanted from it. The fact is that Google Play app store for android does support all the third party apps store and the available apk over the google play store some are freeware and the rest is chargeable. Further, the concept of third party apps store offers varieties of apps & games as well as all the chargeable stuff free of cost and with minimum price.

Third Party AppStore

Top-5 Third Party Apps Store-2020

  • Appvn
  • Apkmirror
  • 1MobileMarket
  • Mobilism
  • Tutuapp


appvn apk

Version: Latest

Size: 10.5 MB

  • Appvn is an app store for android that is easy to use, responsive, and occupies very little space. Just write the name of the app, game, music, movie, eBook, or any other content, you are searching for, in the search bar, and you get it. If you want to use the newly added features of any of the products or services, you need not upgrade its new version, as Appvn automatically updates all the games and apps on its platform on its own. The language isn’t an issue while using Appvn as it uses your local preferred language and shows your desired result. The beauty of Appvn app store for android is its flexibility and ease of download and installation process on Android, iOS, and Windows. With Appvn the third party apps, you can download your required apps and games for no cost. Being a third party apps store, you need to download the Appvn APK file manually in order to install Appvn on your android mobile, computer, or iOS.


  • Inbuilt feature: Automatically updating all the apps, games, and other products of this app store for android.
  • User-friendly Interface: It has simple features and can be easily used.
  • No language barrier: The preferred language can be selected.
  • Availability: The third party apps store is accessible on Android, iOS, as well as Windows.
  • Free download: You can download games, ringtones, apps for free, unlike another app store for android.
  • Comprehensive search bar: Search anything you desire, a movie, an app, or a game.
  • One-click away: You are just a click away from a giant world of third party apps and games.



Version: Latest

Size: 15.2 MB

  • APKmirror is a third party apps store owned by Android Developer. In case you are facing trouble downloading an app from a play store, Why don’t you try out APKmirror. You get reliable content here as follows no-piracy policy and allows legitimate apps only with verified real developers. All that is available for downloading is free as it does not host any paid app. Every available feature is manually scrutinized and permitted by before being published. Hence, you can use APKMirror for any kind of Android APK download without worrying about any sort of malfunctions. APKMirror Installer is a helper app, so in case you uploaded an APK and are waiting for it to go live but it isn’t going live, then you need to know that there is completely no assurance that your app will get published. A new app with no proven track record and nothing unique has high chances of getting disapproved.


  • Varified APKs. Get the app from the original source and verified developers. APKmirror has a no-piracy policy.
  • Experience new features without delay. Avoid Google Play Store staged rollout and delayed provision of an updated version with fixes, with instantly updating features on APKmirror.
  • Extremely Reliable. All Apps from genuine sources only.
  • No geographical barrier.
  • Massive range of APK games.
  • Safe, free, and virus-free app downloads.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Release of genuine and great software with ease at APKmirror.

1mobile market

1mobile market

Version: Latest

Size: 8.80 MB

  • 1Mobile Market is an app store for android intelligent users. It is the one-stop destination for all applications, games, E-books, Anime, wallpapers for your Android gadget. Being customized as per the user’s preferences, the more one downloads, the more the application realizes what sort of things the user likes. Search for the content you are looking for and let it pull up some recommended applications. This makes it faster to discover what you’re searching for, particularly in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the specific name of the application you need. Rather than proposing more keywords and going off course, 1mobile market gets you to your suggested, most recommended, and highly searched app in a moment. 1Mobile Market is a third party apps store that features high-quality free applications to smartphone or tablet users, for download. To download any application, you just need to enter an email address, or log in with your required social media profile, just like any other app store for android.


  • Provision of sharing the content, photos, and GIFs from the android SD card.
  • Good quality, high ranking, and latest apps. The search-bar displays recommended and high-quality apps corresponding to the phrase entered.
  • The comfort of Usage. The content supports multiple languages.
  • Plentiful variety of free apps.
  • 1Mobile Market Lite version for poor internet connectivity or android with low capacity.
  • Free Promo Codes.
  • Tailored experience as per the user’s choice and customizable Notifications fragment.


 mobilism apk

Version: Latest

Size: 21.20 MB

  • Mobilism apk is a destination for e-book fans, app enthusiasts, game lovers, and much more. It is an app store for android devices having content that in many circumstances is not available on Play store. All downloads are free here. It allows its users to participate in the various contests held, design posts in a pre-set format, and organize new releases. The moderators keep it well controlled. Mobilism app store for android has a reviews section and forum for discussion where the users can confer and give feedback or suggestions. In case of any uncertainty regarding the legitimacy and safety of a certain app, you can see the comment section of that specific application. This third-party app store is very easy to use. All you have to do is to create an account and search the name of your desired game, app, or content in the search bar. Mobile allows you to view all your other android apps within this app. Most essentially, it rules out the possibility of any virus, malware, and other malicious attacks.


  • Mobile has an appropriate User Interface with proper areas for surfing.
  • It has a forum for discussion on application types, outlines, and opacities. Modders are genuine and are permanent members.
  • All apps are covered. It helps users log in and view all their system applications under this app.
  • Allows you to get rid of paid apps, games, and e-books
  • Mobilism is safe & Free of malware app store for android.
  • Just simply download and log in.

Tutuapp apk

tutuapp apk

Version: Latest

Size: 20.42 MB

  • Tutuapp apk is one of the Top-5 Best third party apps Store from the Android line. It allows you to download a huge amount of applications of numerous kinds. You simply need to feed the search bar for the content you are looking for, and you get it all. TutuApp APK is the top-ranking app store for android downloading official APK files on your android device. Once you open the very safe link and download the app, you get access to a huge number of latest trending collections of games, applications, videos, and other cutting-edge trending stuff. Here, you can even download latest versions of your favourite apps on your smartphone or tablet. It works very efficiently just like any other app store for android and is trustworthy. So what are you waiting for? The latest version of this android app is available for free Download Now. It occupies very little space, just 23.3 MB. Access the huge collection of games and apps.


  • Simple UI like that of Google play app store for android.
  • Multiple varieties of apps and games to download for free.
  • Tutuapp apk has a feature of swift and hassle-free download
  • Consistent updating of latest APK’s
  • Inbuilt cache and mobile cleaner. Help keep the android fast and clean.
  • Periodic updates, Tutuapp sends notifications for any update that you can choose to install then or later.

Advantages of using A third-party app store for Android

  • Cost-effective: Freedom of Payment method: Unlike Google, which allows google wallet only, you can use any other mode of payment in third party apps store.
  • Easy to use and submit the application: List yourself, upload the third party apps, and simply submit. It’s generally unrestricted and involves no registration fee to get your App submitted on a third party Apps Store.
  • Keep posted of updated features at no cost: Automatic add-on at no additional price.
  • Less competition: The Apple App Store and Google Play Store isn’t the only app store for android with the top free apps for users. The above third party apps stores have plenty of useful free apps available for download too. The latest apps sections feature the new updated collection.
  • Third party apps stores don’t have the limitation of displaying the top ten apps like Google Play top ten charts.


Having explained the possible prospects and advantages of third party apps & app store for android above, any real developer would appreciate an easy app submission process, and support for different payment methods. With the ease of use and safety from malicious attacks, any user can effortlessly enjoy the latest trending free apps, games, video, wallpapers, or any other content of their choice. The above-mentioned app stores are among the top-five third-party app store for Android having a strong community of app developers and advisors that support developers in all the steps of targeting, pricing, selling, and promoting their applications. Once they meet the desired simple benchmarks, they can publish their apps. These app store for android make it easier for end-users to explore category-based apps and give app owners a more tailored platform.